If you’re looking for a new way to keep your nails healthy, durable, and stylish, we have you covered! Dip powder nails is the latest nail trend that easily treats your nails with a pigmented and long lasting powder that can work on any nail surface. Ideal for all nail types, dip manicures are perfect solution for any nail sensitivities including dry hands or brittle nails with no mess or drip! Revolutionizing nail-care, dip powder is the perfect solution for getting healthier natural nails in addition to having modern and innovative features.

Without a UV lamp, chemicals, or other aids, it has an incredible impact on the environment with natural vitamins and non-toxins. The powder is eco-friendly and sustainable for customers looking to avoid harsh chemicals and fumes from their self-care and beauty routine. Unlike gel polish or acrylic, you no longer have to worry about drying time or how long your polish will last. Dip powder lasts up to three weeks without chipping. With our team of creative and hi-tech professionals, you will be satisfied with a dip manicure that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Since 1996, Hi-Tech Nail Salon has offered the highest level of quality, comfort, and professionalism with every service. From simplistic manicures, to rejuvenating spa treatments and full body waxing, our goal is to ensure not only a perfect service, but an incredible experience. We are dedicated to providing a clean, safe, and sanitary experience with our enhanced cleanliness commitment ensuring that your visit meets the highest standards.

With over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, Ai Nguyen, Thanh Vu, and Thuc Nguyen are pleased to welcome you to one of Cinnaminson’s premier nail salons with treatments and services for everyone.